SAH POLICIES- Policy on Order Payment

Prices for the services/papers are automatically generated on the order form. At, we provide our clients with discounts on different papers based on the company’s discretion. Our competent writers will start working on the order only and immediately after you pay for the products you want. Therefore, you have the right to accept or reject our offer for additional payment after we manually review your order instructions.   

Policy on Order Delivery

After we are through with your paper, we deliver by direct download by email or through our site. The time to deliver the order is determined by the date you make your payment. The minimum time for delivery is 12 hours, which is mainly calculated from the time the order is accepted and successfully paid.  

Refund Policy reserves the right to reject the services to any person suspected to misuse our services or engage in academic fraud. We reserve the right to cancel any product at the company’s discretion under this refund policy. All the services offered and products delivered by our company will not be, under any circumstances, refunded after they are completed and successfully delivered to clients. 

Privacy Policy

At SAH, the privacy and confidentiality of our clients are of great importance. We have initiated several basic principles, which inform the privacy policy ad they include:

  • Collecting and storing your sensitive personal data
  • We do not keep clients’ personal information for longer than required by the law
  • We clients full control of what personal data are collected by our writing company
  • Our clients have the rights to ask and know how their personal information is collected, stored, and shared

Discussed below is the privacy policy of Sure Assignment Help.

How Your Personal Information Is Obtained

We may get the client’s personal data directly or indirectly. In particular, we can get your personal data directly from you if you present us with permission and consent. We can also obtain your personal information through third parties you have authorized to share your information.  Among automatic personal information that we get once the client visits our website are the IP address, how you interact with our website, details on the device a client uses to connect to our website, length of the client’s stay on our website, and other related technical information.

Why We Collect Your Personal Data

We collect your personal information to get details about the following:

  • Details of the country you are when browsing the website to help users verify your identity and avoid illegal use of your account, and to calculate domestic taxes, in particular, VAT
  • Details on your contacts, including email address and phone number to help us contact you, provide our advertisements, and promote the content we hope you may find interesting based on your field of study.
  • Collect detailed information on your names for identity verification and ensure we are working with genuine people only
  • Obtain your zip code and other contact information that enable our customer support team to verify each client’s identity and communicate with you about matters on the order or our products and services.

Sharing Client’s Personal Information

We do not share the personal information of all our clients without consent and permission unless the law permits us to do so. However, it is worth mentioning that we may share aggregated and anonymized data, which may include data related to statistics. It is not possible to track a person using such data; hence personal information of all our clients is safe when shared in an aggregated format.  Also, all our clients have the right and authority to refuse to share his or her personal information with third parties in an anonymized and aggregated format, and we obey and respect such decisions.

How Our Passwords Are Safe

Some clients may need passwords to gain access to some important parts of our products or website. In cases like that, you have an obligation to ensure that your passwords are safe. We also discourage any client from sharing their passwords.

Your Rights to Decline Giving Personal Information

Being one of our clients, you have the right not to give your personal information when browsing our website. It is important to note that in cases where personal information is paramount so that you can access our website and be in contact with, and you exercise the right to give such information, we shall decline to enter into such a contract with any client. This shows you may not find easier access to some or all our services and products.

Using  Cookies may collect information about client’s experiences using cookies. The aim of using cookies is to provide our customers with personalized experiences, and they help us recall each client once they revisit the website. Cookies also allow us to customize our online writing services.

In general, we use cookies in our website for authentication, marketing, security, customization and to determine how our website best suits our customers or clients. Our clients are allowed to accept or decline the cookies.  To find more information on how to manage cookies, be sure to seek help or consult the documentation provided by the manufacturer of your browser. In case you want to decline the cookies, you can switch off the third-party cookies presented on the specific browser you are using.

How We Protect Personal Information of Our Clients When Paying For Our Services

We have undertaken cautious measures to ensure clients’ personal details or information are not accessible to unauthorized parties. On our website, we have certified online payment processors that gather clients’ information about their credit or debit cards. Using such an online payment method helps perform safe online transactions by giving information about the payment and payment confirmation by our company. The processor also makes sure that your information is well secured with the use of cutting-edge SSL technology. This is among the most applicable method used in online payment systems. As such, trust that with, your financial information is always safe, and you should decide on ordering our services.

Besides, our website has an effective firewall for security purposes. This means we have undertaken all the necessary to make sure the personal information of our clients is safe with us. Therefore, you rest assured that at, your personal information is in the right hands. We are very committed to making sure that no contact history, purchasing history, or contact information, and other personal data of our clients are shared with unauthorized parties without their consent and permission.

Since changes its policies from time to time, you are therefore encouraged to review this page constantly for any updates. By placing an order or ordering for our services, you agree to comply with these policies.